Community Plan 2011 to 2016

Community Plan

The Community of Buchan and District  reviewed and developed a Community Plan in 2009.

The Community Consultation was completed by Suzanne Davies and a final report delivered in July 2010

To view the final report of the Community Consultation click Community Consultation Report.

The second stage of developing the plan was then completed with the first East Gippsland Shire Community Forum being held on Wednesday 16th March 2011.  “Our Livelihood”

Our Livelyhood Forum

The second Forum was held on Wednesday 13th April 2011 with Michael McAllum for Global Foresight Network to stretch our thinking and explore ways of designing better futures through scenario planning workshops.

Since the forums Sue Cheyne from East Gippsland Shire Council has been working closely with the community of Buchan to bring together and compile all the information required to present a final plan.

Community Plan 2011 - 16


The Buchan Community Plan  consists of a condensed document which is easy to read and a quick reference to what we would like to see for the future.

The plan will then have numerous attachments with details on our identified areas of need, our action plan, who will be involved and what benefit this will be to the community.   These will be presented under the following:



Cohesive Communities: Active, Healthy, Safe: Diverse and Connected


Community Living: Natural Environment: Built Environment


Economic Environment: Development


Financial Security: Strong leadership and advocacy: Open and Accountable

There will also be statistical information compiled from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006 census.  When information regarding the 2011 census becomes available this will be added to the attachments.

Another workshop as held with Neil Smith from the Center of Rural Communities to present the concept and development  of the Community Planning Group. This was held at the Recreation Pavilion on Tuesday 7th July.

A planning group was developed to finish the process with meetings held on

Thursday 14th July 2011 11am to 3pm

Wednesday 3rd August 2011 11am to 12,30pm

Wednesday 24th August 2011 11am to 12.30pm

Thursday 1st September 2011 at 10am.

Thursday 6th October 2011 at 11 am.

This planning group now meets on a bi monthly basis to further develop the Buchan Community Plan