Buchan South Avenue of Honour

The Avenue of Honour commemorates the veterans of Buchan and District who served Australia and fought in World War 1 and later conflicts.

Consisting of two rows of English Oaks (Quercus Robur), they were planted in 1920 by the relatives of the soldiers who served in WW1 and the students of the then Buchan South Primary school.

Location: Buchan South, about 8km south of Buchan, Victoria.

Further info: 0427586038

Anzac Day and Remembrance Days Ceremonies from 2006 to today


 * The Avenue is listed with the Victorian War Heritage Inventory which can be accessed via : www.dpcd.vic.gov.au/veterans    (follow link to War Heritage Inventory)Cultural Heritage Management Plan

The Committee of Management are currently investigating funding options for a interpretive shelter at the avenue to install historical information and photos. (2016)

Solar lights installed to highlight the flagpole and the memorial stone at night. (Nov 2013)

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