Gippy Ag Chat 6th August 2018

In this issue -Message from the new Agribusiness Gippsland Chair -S3 to connect Gippsland globally and locally -Gippy Agchat is now bimonthly -East Gippsland Food Cluster is a winner! -Animal industries undergo land use reform -Burra Foods’ sends Gippsland to the world -Ag conference helps farm for success -Training, field days, resources, grants, funding, awards  […]

Gippy Ag Chat 6th March 2017

In this issue – Food and fibre is our future – Routine calving induction limit dropped – Latest on show at Irrigation Expo – Farm world turns 50! – Opportunity opens to go nuts – Forage Value Index released – Land rezoned to support agriculture – Training, resources, field days – Grants, funding & awards galore! […]

Gippy Ag ChAT 6th February 2017

In this issue – Gippsland’s agrifood sector to get jobs boost – East Gippsland Food Cluster expands its reach – Women Agchat readers offered leadership discount – Local flood knowledge sought – Calf takes the cream at auction – Ryegrass toxicosis at summer risk – Grants, funding & awards galore! PLUS: Jobs, jobs, jobs! Download

Gippy Ag Chat 5th Dec 2016

In this issue – Best wishes for the festive season – Victoria leads in food and fibre – Agricultural Climate Resilience Project leaves a legacy in resources – New resources released for farmers – Quad bike rebate – State of the climate – Lots of scholarships, grants, funding & awards PLUS: Jobs! Download Here

Gippy Ag Chat 7th November 2016

In this issue – Gippy students shape new tech school curriculum – Overwhelming response to Gippsland Regional Partnership – Meeting focuses on building supply chain linkages – Weather results in insect alert and spraying concerns – It’s show season! – Communication key to protecting bees – Scholarships, grants, funding & awards PLUS: LOTS of jobs! Download […]

Gippy Ag Chat October 3rd 2016

In this issue – Agribusiness Gippsland goes to the show – Opportunity opens to shape Gippsland’s future – School-industry partnership to benefit agribusiness – Backpacker tax slashed – Communities prepare for new rabbit virus release – Indigenous agriculture has lessons for today – Scholarships, grants, funding & awards PLUS: LOTS of jobs! Download here  

GippyAgChat 25th July 2016

In this issue –Record crowd for our annual conference -E Gipps flood toll -‘Bare bones’ dairying -Award for egg biz –New Gippy brewery -Biomass ‘how-to’ day -SFS compost field day -Bairnsdale livestock exchange upgrade –Gals & sustainable ag –Scholarships, grants, funding & awards PLUS: LOTS of jobs! Download this edition here

GippyAgChat 4th July 2016

In this issue –Ag minister, ad guru and pasture masters: better book now!  -MID liver fluke alert –Esso sells Gippy assets -New Traf abattoir –Barra bruisers -Fed Training new CEO -Names in the news -Dairy help on hand –Who won the wine? –Scholarships, grants, funding & awards PLUS: LOTS of jobs! Read this edition

GippyAgChat 2 May 2016

In this issue -MG shock: what next for dairying? -Ag minister at our roundtable -Names in the news -Hort award wins -Effluent warnings for Gippy farmers -CSIRO eye-openers -State Budget: what’s for Gippy agribiz? -Fox/dog/hunting $ -Gippy barra! … Scholarships, grants and awards … PLUS: Lots of jobs! Download this edition here