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  1. hi guys: we would so love to contribute to the your Pub resurrections. we sort of thort $50 ea : as being ex Vic’s: but we visit all the time to Gippsland (Traralgon and surrounds….our ‘stomping grounds’) and I’ve been to Buchan as a teenie….and would love to have the T shirts…we’ll be visting sooonnnneee(DONT BE KNOWING WHEN REALLY-just then time allows)….can you kindly send thru accommodation ideas pls? : as we are coming down soon-end October- (we live in Wallaroo SA) to paint our older families homes for them (we are Silver Service Painters) and no: I’m sorry: we dont have a website for our business…..but you are welcome to ring us should you wish…..0438 52 0670…..

    1. Thanks for your support for our Lets Build a Pub crowd funding. I hope you have been on the pozible site as today is the last day for donations. If you have any difficulties in donating ring me on 51559216. As for accommodation please go to the accommodation page on our website. There are two businesses in town at the moment nearing the completion of upgrades but will be open and ready by Christmas. Otherwise depending on what you are looking for self contained, B&B or budget accommodation have a look on the site and hope you get what your looking for.

  2. We would like to offer the builder a half cost building permit, which will mean a saving of some $1500 dollars .
    I know this is late in the scheme of things, however after reading the Bairnsdale Advertiser, we didn’t
    realise that “in kind” donations were acceptable.
    Please contact us to confirm our offer
    East Gippsland Building Surveyors P/L Malcolm Findlay

    1. I have just viewed this email and suggest that you get incontact with the owners of the property which l believe has now happened.

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