Gippy Ag ChAT 6th February 2017

In this issue

– Gippsland’s agrifood sector to get jobs boost
– East Gippsland Food Cluster expands its reach
– Women Agchat readers offered leadership discount
– Local flood knowledge sought
– Calf takes the cream at auction
– Ryegrass toxicosis at summer risk

Grants, funding & awards galore!
PLUS: Jobs, jobs, jobs!


3 thoughts on “Gippy Ag ChAT 6th February 2017

  1. In reference to your article on “Ryegrass toxicosis at summer risk” article in the 6th February, 2017 newsletter, I would like to bring to your attention “Weather Shield Loose Lick Supplements” as a prevention of Ryegrass toxicosis. Basically, prevention involves supplementing the animals with magnesium during the period of greatest risk. Using Propharma’s Weather Shield Loose Lick supplements is one of the simplest ways of supplementing magnesium. Weather Shield Loose Lick Supplements are weatherproof and have been designed to be fed out in self draining troughs, making it ideal for open grazing situations and, as the animals will only take as much as they need, means it is a very efficient and cost effective form of supplementation. Contact Propharma Australia Pty Ltd for further information.

    • Thanks for your interest in the Gippy Ag Chat article produced by Agribusiness Gippsland. I have forwarded your comments to them and l do hope they respond to your comment.

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