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Excel Skills for life, work & study

Dates: Starting on Monday 26th April

Hours 5.30 – 7.30 pm

Duration: 6 weeks

Location: The Hub, 27 Dalmahoy St, Bairnsdale

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a computer spreadsheet programme that can be used to store and analyse large quantities of data.

Excel has many functions to sort and analyse data that range from basic mathematical functions to complex statistical analyses.

This course is primarily designed for people who have little or no understanding, knowledge of, or experience in using Microsoft Excel.

Course Topics:

1. Getting to Know Microsoft Excel

2. Your First Workbook

3. Working with Workbooks

4. Cells and Ranges

5. Formulas and Functions

6. Worksheet appearance

7. Worksheet Layout

8. Sorting and Filtering Data

9. Printing

10. Creating charts

11. Getting help

12 A guide to Brilliant Spreadsheets

Course Prerequisites

Previous experience using applications on a PC or Macintosh is a preferred, but not a required prerequisite for this course.  This program is also ideal for self-taught people who want to learn correct and time-saving techniques while using Microsoft Excel.

Career Guidance and Pathway opportunities.

Online bookings: https://www.trybooking.com/BQBQT

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