Firewood Collection

Collection Seasons  

1 September 2012 to 30 November 2012

1 March to 30 June

Firewood collection season closing
The Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) is reminding Victorians that the spring firewood collection season closes at midnight on Friday November 30 and anyone collecting firewood in state forests or parks after this time will face heavy penalties.  DSE’s Land and Fire Regional Manager Gippsland, Grange Jephcott said firewood collection seasons, combined with collection limits helps ensure that firewood from public land is managed sustainably and distributed in an equitable way.
“The two statewide firewood collection seasons aim to minimise risks to people, the environment and infrastructure by avoiding firewood collection during winter as well as during periods of highest fire hazard,” Mr Jephcott said.  The passing of the Forests Amendment Bill 2012 through parliament means that tough new legislation applies to domestic firewood collection on public land in Victoria.  “This legislation strengthens the checks and balances needed to ensure a sustainable supply of firewood for all Victorians and an appropriate level of environmental protection,” Mr Jephcott said.  “The new legislation makes firewood collection simpler and more affordable for the community.”  “Tough penalties will help to discourage illegal behaviour and safeguard our forests and parks.”  Those operating outside the law will be issued with an infringement notice, with more serious
offences potentially incurring a maximum penalty of a $7042 fine, one year imprisonment or both.  “People collecting firewood after the close of the firewood season at midnight on Friday November 30 will be very visibly doing the wrong thing and we will be conducting targeted patrols in forests and parks to check for illegal activities.”  The next opportunity to collect firewood from public land, for personal use only, will be the
commencement of the autumn firewood collection season on March 1 2013.

Firewood Collection area maps for Buchan and Nowa Nowa are available at the Buchan Neighbourhood House.

For further information on domestic firewood collection go to Department of Sustainability and Environment