Buchan Arts Council

What’s happening at the Buchan Arts Council

Statement of Purpose

  1. To develop, foster, maintain and provide facilities for all artistic expression in the study and appreciation of artistic expression and all of its forms.
  2. To assist in, co-ordinate and promote activities of all art forms with similar aims and interests, whether they be professional or amateur.
  3. To undertake and promote any theatrical or artistic performance or demonstration, art display, exposition of handcraft, exhibition of art and craft subjects or cinematographic exhibitions.
  4. To assist local artists or crafts persons whether professional or amateur to further their interests in the arts.

New members are welcome.

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Buchan Flower, Art n Craft and Photography Show and Exhibition Page

Held every year on the Saturday and Sunday of the Melbourne Cup weekend.  

  • Buchan Music Group

This group is currently not meeting

Email contact buchanartscouncil@yahoo.com.au

2 thoughts on “Buchan Arts Council

  1. I may be interested in submitting entries into some of the flower/floral arrangement sections.
    Are you able to forward me the judging criteria please.
    Thanking you, Susan Derrick
    Ps Buchan website is excellent! Well done

    • We have all our criteria in the program and don’t have any other documents and the program is on the website buchan.vic.au

      Are are not so serious as the B/dale show and l have seen that Orbost also produces a criteria as well.

      I have been away from Monday to Wed so only sending this now

      If you want to know more ring Judy Gray who is on the schedule

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