The first known community planning process was conducted in Buchan in 1997.  The Buchan Community Development Plan (Action Plan) was supported by State Government (Business Victoria), Victorian Eastern Development Victoria (VEDA) and EGSC via a successful grant of $10,000 for 1997/98 and a further $10,000 for 1998/99.

Prepared by Bruce Connolly in conjunction with Buchan and District Community Advancement Forum (BADCAF). The formation of Buchan Development Inc. was an outcome of this project and met to action the projects within this plan.

The project was initiated as a result of a community meeting held at the Buchan Hall in late 1996 to discuss the need for development in Buchan. 

A small group consisting of three community members worked with VEDA to complete the project which included

  • A community Workshop
  • Development of a series of projects
  • And the Appointment of working groups

Other outcomes included

  • Business Plan (5 Years)
  • Action Plans
  • Marketing Plan


The Buchan Community Plan will create a cohesive community spirit and focus on the opportunities for long term sustainable development and employment in Buchan and District.

Directions for Local Economic Development in Buchan and District was based on the Clover leaf design identifying 4 separate spaces to the township of Buchan.

  • The Caves
  • Town centre
  • The Bluff
  • Recreation Area

The identified Projects were

Community Committee – Buchan Caves Reserve

Living Library

There is a short report about the details of this project that aimed to create local tour guides on the history, culture and environment to provide an attraction outside of the caves reserve.

Town Entrance – Welcome Sign feature

John Flynn House/information centre

Heritage Plan

Arts/craft development

Natural assets listing – Tourism

Expand tourism – backpackers

Walking tracks around township

Improved signage – internal/external

Limestone festival/promotions

Promotion Capital cities/media (particularly the Caves Reserve)

Swing Bridge –caves and bluff

Publicity/promotion – photos/historical No information

Historical trail – regional centre No information

Develop leadership local history/skills No information

Town look out top of the hill

Map of town direction No information

Promotion point – local talent No information

The formation of Buchan Development Inc

This group meet and drove the community plan from 1999 to 2003?

To see the full Planning Development and Strategy Plan Click here

To see the full Action Plan Click here

2020 outcomes review of the 1997 to 2005 Community Plan

Buchan Mill closes in 2001

2003 Fires impact the communities of Gelantipy and Seldom Seen

Community Phone Trees developed by the Neighbourhood House

Youth Group operating at the Neighbourhood House through a dedicated Shire Youth Officer

Dedicated Arts funding from EGSC via “Arts Network East Gippsland” for 10 hours per week in local communities including Buchan

Please provide feedback regarding the 1997 to 2005 Buchan Community Plan in the comments.

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