Broadband for Seniors Buchan Kiosk

Broadband for Seniors is funded by the Australian Government to provide senior Australians, aged 50 years and over, with free access to computers, Internet and basic training to help build their confidence in using new technology.

Since it was announced in 2008, around 2,000 Broadband for Seniors kiosks have opened across Australia with approximately 250,000 seniors enjoying the benefits!

Broadband for Seniors aims to

  • Provide senior Australians with access to computers and the Internet via free Internet kiosks;
  • Support seniors to gain confidence and build skills in using new technology;
  • Address the issue of senior Australians feeling isolated and ‘left behind’ in a technological age; and
  • Build community participation and social inclusion among senior Australians.

The Australian Government has committed $25.4 million to Broadband for Seniors over seven years to 2015. Broadband for Seniors is a digital productivity initiative within the Australian Government’s National Digital Economy Strategy.

Broadband for Seniors is delivered by NEC Australia Pty Ltd in partnership with Adult Learning Australia, Australian Senior Computer Clubs Association and University of the Third Age Online.

A kiosk is available at the Buchan Neighbourhood House

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Broadband for Seniors conducts a series of webinars. The monthly webinars, conducted by Adult Learning Australia, specifically assist Volunteer Tutors and more experienced senior Australians.       

Catch up on previously Recorded Webinar Sessions.